Twitter Analytics Now Available for Everyone

Twitter analytics previously available to only Twitter advertisers are now available for everyone.

With Twitter analytics you can view the performance of your Twitter accounts with details such as how many retweets, favourites or mentions you are getting.
These analytics also allow you check the details about followers such as their geographic location.

Analytics data can be downloaded as CSV file to computer.

Go to analytics.twitter.com and use your Twitter login. Then allow access to Twitter Ads app. Click Analytics tab.


Kuwait Deporting Immigrants If they use Viber, Skype etc

Kuwait authorities are deporting immigrants if they are caught using voip services such as Viber, Skype, Tango and other similar services.
My friend was removing/reinstalling Viber again and again i asked the reason. She told that Viber is not allowed in Kuwait.
Kuwait says using voip services is illegal. They are trying to catch people who are still using them.

iPhone New Software iOS 7 Complete Features and Download Links

Control Center: Turn on or off Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb. Lock your screen’s orientation or adjust its brightness. Play, pause, or skip a song. Connect to AirPlay-enabled devices. And quickly access your flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera.

New Notification Center: New notification center features give you a convenient summary of, well, today. One glance at your iPhone and you’ll know if it’s a certain someone’s birthday, if you’ll need an umbrella, or if traffic will slow down your commute. You’ll even get a heads-up on tomorrow. You can access Notification Center from any screen, including the Lock screen. Just swipe down.

New Multitasking: Press the Home button twice to see preview screens of the apps you have open. To quit an app, just swipe it up and out of preview.