Pakistan cellular networks GPRS/EDGE speed comparison

Here are the GPRS/EDGE speed comparisons of Pakistani mobile networks which I did in about two weeks using SonyEricsson J300i and Nokia 6600, Nokia N70 mobile devices. My Location was Faisalabad city(Third largest city of Paksitan). As I'm living in big city surrounded by mobile signal towers got no signal problems, in short signals quality was good by all networks. In the chart below I am comparing Ufone, Zong Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan, Waridtel Pakistan and Mobilink Pakistan (Currently these are the networks in Pakistan who are providing GPRS/EDGE mobile internet data services).

In the chart below is average GPRS disconnections comparison by the networks of every day. Ufone and Mobilink are the baddest gprs service providers (at least these days). Ufone GPRS is useless at nights and Mobilink's gprs is 24hours useless too many disconnections the more you connect the more you are charged for the data packets (64KB). Telenor Pakistan gives 4 confirm disconnections every day and at set times, one at midnight(12am), one in the morning(7am), one afternoon(12pm and one at evening(6pm). Telenor keeps on making difference between their disconnection times. Only Zong and Warid provides 24hours gprs service without any disconnection.

Some other things you should know:

  • Only Zong is providing different type of data packages, 8kb chunks package, 64kb packets package, time based package.
  • Only Zong is providing Unlimited GPRS/EDGE package in Pakistan and Mobilink(mobilink have unlimited data package for postpaid customers only), all others are fooling their customers and Telenor Paksitan is at top in fooling their customers in all kind of mobile phone packages and rates. In fact others have limits in their UNLIMITED gprs packages :)