Tiny, free Photoshop alternative Fotographix hits Beta 3


Fotografix is an amazing example of what creative developers can accomplish in less than one meg. The 680Kb portable application is a very capable image editor and provides nearly all the same functionality I utilize in Photoshop on a daily basis. It was a no-brainer to include in my list of 40 apps you can download in two seconds.

Only a few changes have taken place, but they're important additions. First and foremost, documentation has been beefed up and now covers nearly every Fotografix feature. As far as editing function go, layers can now be merged down and you can flatten an image in one fell swoop. An external paste command has been added as well: control-v works with the internal Fotografix clipboard, while shift+control+v will paste the contents of your Windows clipboard.

The last time this little gem hit DownloadSquad, the developer's server got hammered and the download became inaccessible. Fortunately, it's now mirrored on Freeware Files.