CDA holds back decision to remove BTSs from rooftops - Telecom

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Capital Development Authority (CDA) has held back its decision to ban installation of based transceiver stations (BTSs) on rooftops of buildings and asked its relevant department to take on board all cellular companies before reviewing its policy in this regard. Earlier, the CDA had decided to review its policy and place a ban on installation of BTSs on rooftops of buildings. It was decided that BTSs would be brought down to ground from rooftops immediately, a senior official of CDA told Daily Times on Saturday. He said as per directives of the CDA chairman, Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) had prepared a proposed draft for review of policy and presented it before the CDA board. But, he said, the proposed draft had been rejected and the DMA asked to take on board all cellular companies, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and general public before reviewing the policy, thus holding back the decision to ban installation of BTSs on rooftops. He said CDA, cellular companies and PTA would have a consensus only hardly vis-à-vis a new policy, as cellular companies could not afford to have their equipment removed from rooftops. He said general public had submitted several complaints with the CDA regarding these BTSs and wanted them brought down to ground. He said according to old policy, the CDA charged Rs 50,000 from for installation of a BTS on a rooftop and Rs 15,000 for its installation in green built. So far, he said, only 80 BTSs had been installed legally. He said the proposed draft for review of policy denoted fines on cellular companies for installing BTSs illegally. After earthquake 2005, the CDA verbally banned installation of BTSs on rooftops but this ban is flouted by cellular companies by and large.