Clipboard Magic™: FREE Multiple Storage Clipboard Utility - Windows Software


Ways to Use Clipboard Magic

  • Storing and pasting boiler plate text
  • Maintaining standardized answers for common support questions
  • Storing common code snippets
  • Noting thoughts
  • Remembering text
  • Personal database
  • Contacts - addresses, phone numbers, emails, web sites, formulas, signature text..
  • Filling in on line forms
  • Organizing information
  • Notes
  • Storing often used text like...
  • Manage "to do" lists
  • Storing messages to refer back to (ICQ, E-mail...)
  • Drafting messages or emails
  • Making notes of numbers, prices, features...
  • When doing calculations.. storing numbers and formulas
  • Capture ideas at the time of conception
  • Reducing repetitive typing
  • Prevent repetitive stress injury (RSI)