Heavy rainfall hits telecom network - Telecom

KARACHI: As rain lashed the city on Saturday, the entire infrastructure collapsed wreaking havoc with civic life.

The city plunged into darkness as a result of a fault in the national transmission grid. Similarly, telecommunications network, including landline, mobile and wireless local loop (WLL), and Internet services collapsed and were still not restored fully and most of the cellular networks were down. Services of all the cellular companies were affected by the heavy rainfall measuring 140 millimetres.

Complaints were received against all the five major cellular networks, Mobilink, Ufone, Zong, Warid and Telenor which remained disturbed. Complaints were received from every area against fixed line and WLL networks of all service providers including telecommunications giant PTCL. In residential and industrial areas, fixed line phones were out of order.

One of PTCL subscribers residing in Saudabad Malir said owing to the rain the PTCL phone was dead and so far the service has not been restored. The PTCL stated that its customer service centre is dealing with the complaints and trying to do its best to remove faults in the network cables.

Amir Pasha, Zong spokesperson, said there has been no problem with its network in Karachi. Affan Haider, Telenor spokesperson, said there were network outages in Karachi after recent rains. The main reasons for these outages were power breakdown in the city because of heavy rain. However, these sites did not require intervention and got restored automatically once the windy/stormy conditions subsided.

Currently, the network is going on normally as the situation in the city is coming under control after the longest power breakdown. Almost all the cellular companies denied any specific fault in their networks but stated that the heavy rainfall, which hit the entire infrastructure of the city, might have caused certain problems for the cellular networks for a period, but now all networks have started working properly.