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Imagine a living organism made of people, regardless of their nationality, sex, religion, race or politics; imagine millions contributing and sharing freely their energy, talent, creativity and love; imagine an organism that keeps pouring money into initiatives, projects and causes that its members believe can help bring about peace; imagine an organism that can save lives: this organism is iPeace.

iPeace is a hub for serious peace initiatives, a platform that actively supports, advertises, promotes and aids in financing them. It offers a forum where its community debates, discusses and educates each other on what projects to support.

People fall in love with iPeace, giving it their art, ideas and connections. People feel ownership in iPeace and actively help it to grow and spread. Based on the profound belief that peace comes from within, iPeace spreads 'virally' to one's immediate environment, creating pockets of peace that connect to each other and grow. Eventually its network will cover the entire world.

iPeace is a non-profit organization, that pledges to return to society by a vote of its members all income from any source, of advertising, referral fees, merchandising or donations.

This isn't utopia. It is a quickly emerging reality. Since its launch a month ago, 8,000 members have joined iPeace. The buzz of their activity is not only in groups, forums and blogs, but also in real life events where people from opposing zones meet to break down the barriers that are built on fear.


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