Monitor your Intel CPU temperature with Real Temp - Windows Software


Sure, you know that your CPU heats up when you ask too much of it. But do you know just how hot it gets? Real Temp can tell you. This light weight Windows application can monitor the temperature of a wide variety of Intel processors including single, dual, and quad core CPUs.

You can configure Real Temp to show your CPU temperature in your system tray or just run the executable program when you just want a quick look at your system health.

The program also lets you run executable files when the temperature hits a certain point. So you could create a script that would allow the program to do things like shut down your system, kill tasks, or shoot you an email letting you know that your computer is about to explode.

Some of Real Temp's features are tied into bulkier system status monitors. But Real Temp is a light weight app that comes in a 170KB ZIP file and which uses less than 4MB of RAM when running.

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