Pakistan ranks 5th in Asia with 90 million Mobile Users - Telecom


The number of the users of mobile phone in Pakistan has reached from 0.3 million to about 90 million during the last eight years.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the ratio of mobile phone users all over the country has been increased from 0.22 per cent in 2000 to 54.70 per cent in June 2008.

As per PTA, there are 88.1 million mobile phone users out of the country's population of 165 million while they were 306,000 in 2000.

China and India secure the first and the second positions, with 644.8 and 391.6 million subscribers. The two countries account for 1.04 billion subscribers of the world's total number of 4.15 billion.

The third largest mobile market in Asia is Indonesia, with around 144.6 million, followed by Japan.

In fifth position is Pakistan, followed by Vietnam with around 73.2 million users by late March 2009.

The seventh is the Philippines with 71.7 million, followed by Thailand 62.7 million, Bangladesh 46.3 million and South Korea 46.2 million.

The top ten countries for mobile users in Asia have 3.48 billion people and 1.68 billion mobile users.