MSN Live messenger offline messages sms alerts for Zong - Telecom

As you know Zong Pakistan now provides email to sms service( and with this you can receive short emails on your mobile as sms free of cost.
There Ufone is also providing email to sms service but Ufone's is not providing free and not compatible with Yahoo and MSN.

Here I am going to teach how to use your Zong for MSN Live messenger offline messages sms alerts, whenever you go offline, your contacts will see you as offline contact with Mobile Icon, it means if they send you chat message at that time you will get those messages on mobile as sms.
Officially Microsoft is not providing MSN mobile alerts service for Pakistan, but we can get it with our Zong connection.
so let me teach you guys step by step getting msn mobile sms alerts for zong.

Go to 

In right side Set up  SMS in the number box write long any numbers, type long wrong numbers just to pass this step and then click NEXT

A new page will open with Mobile Phone Details heading,with text in yellow "We need a little more info about your mobile phone." 

Select United States as country, Service provider: (Other), Language: English and in the Mobile e-mail address field write your zong
for example and click below the NEXT button, for example see the screenshot help below.

In next step you should reach to verification code link page, which will be asking you to enter your 4digit verification code which they sent to you on your Zong mobile email which you entered before.

Usually you will receive your verification code as sms on your Zong within 5 minutes.

Enter your code on the MSN mobile web verification page and click NEXT

Well done

After the above steps when you login first time in your MSN official live messenger you should receive following dialogue to allow your buddies to send you sms, click YES

then you are all done InshaAllah :) , Whenever you will go offline you will look like that online from mobile as you can see sirajamaan and Mirza Aziz Baig in the picture above.

Still problems?
Do the following steps if your contacts say that they do not see you online from mobile.

Go to, If you are not logged in it will ask to you login, do login. After login you will see the Mobile homepage as shown in the picture below, on the right side click on Setup other SMS services

And next you will see a page asking for to Start SMS for Windows Live as shown in the picture below. click on Start button on that page.

On the next page Click on Settings button next to the Messenger.

In the next page click on SET button.

In the next page do these settings
  • Send SMS Alerts: ON
  • Number of alerts you can receive each month: 100(I think Zong supports 75 but no matter how much maximum we set)
  • Send Multiple message for long alerts: Yes
then click Save
 And on next page click Done, Now login to your messenger again you will receive the following dialogue click Yes.

If any problem, or still don't understand, comment below with your question.