PTCL delivering used/repaired DSL modems - Telecom

PTCL is giving used or repaired DSL modems to its customers then they blame the users and they reject to give service for those modems.

Yes I knew this already that they are giving those modems which are taken from users who stop using PTCL DSL, those users return their modems to PTCL for the disconnection of their PTCL DSL service. And PTCL then refreshes those Modems to give to other new customers.
Now let me tell you my story,
My name is Aaqil, I ordered PTCL student package for DSL, they delivered modem, I checked modem condition is was clean but the warranty seal sticker at bottom was broken and like someone tried to place back that sticker in such condition that no one can notice easily.
At the same time I told to that PTCL officer who was delivering modem to my home, He said its ok.

Days passed, After two months my modem stopped responding, I went to PTCL customer service center, they rejected to repair my modem by likely insulting me and saying that I have already repaired the modem before somewhere else by my own due to that warranty seal broken. I told them it was already like that but they did not listen me. Now tell me where i should go with that helpless?
Thanks to Allah I maintained that modem later by my own.


Then the same story with my friend, Also when he went to PTCL customer service center they rejected to repair his modem, where I believe my friend that he never repaired his modem by his own before and his modem was as given by PTCL.

After these, I checked the modem of my neighbor and LOL :D his modem was also seal broken and repaired.

Now i believe most of the users do not check their modems when they order and get PTCL DSL modem. hmmm. My advice please check your modem to avoid the later insult as i got from PTCL :)