Top Web sites to send free SMS to Pakistan - Internet
  • Average Message delivery within three seconds to five minutes.
  • Registration free easy to register
  • Can send sms to multiple contacts
  • SMS chars: 128
  • Daily sms sending limit: 85sms per day
  • users can receive sms on websites, it is helpful for those who are working abroad to receive sms messages from their friends and family.
  • Online Contacts saving
  • Online groups making
  • Scheduled sms feature
  • Sent sms history
  • Nice site build with python django feel good to use web 2.0
  • Online contacts saving limit 25, can be increased by inviting friends to join the site.
  • Online inbox to receive sms messages from friends and family memebers.
  • Sent sms delivery confirmations
  • SMS sending option to send to multiple contacts.
  • Average SMS delivery time 2minute to 3days :(
  • Daily sms quota: 25
  • User can save their own sms templates
  • SMS chars limit: 200chars
  • Sent sms history
  • Predefined sms messages
  • Online contacts saving
  • Send sms to multiple contacts
  • Average SMS delivery time 5minutes to 6hours
  • Sent sms history
  • SMS characters: 300chars
  • Urdu SMS sending support, no need of Urdu keyboard.