Zong new policy, booked numbers cannot portout for 18months - Telecom

Zong has recently updated their policy which was 6months before, but now those Zong customers who got their Zong connection by registering at Zong website and booked their number of choice, they cannot leave Zong network using the mobile number portability service within 18months of their connection activation.

Zong is forcefully trying to include old customers in this newly launched policy. And they have included my Zong number too, I was trying to port to Warid. Where my connection is one year old and I have already ported out from Zong two times. But now they are implementing this new policy on me where they never implemented other new policies like free balance for new connection on me, then why this policy for me? >.<

Zong ke telenor kay sath qurbat say lagta hai telenor walay customer ko mar mar ker lootnay walay jaraseem arahay hain zong main.
  Allah kheir karay main tay aitmad kitta c zong tay.