Google +1 button gets update of inline annotations [Google]

Since the launch of the +1 button, it's been great to see recommendations from my friends and family in search results. Now Google bringing those same recommendations to your site in two ways.

First, you may have already noticed faces and names when you hover over a +1 button.  This change rolled out late last week. Now, you can make these recommendations even more visible to your users. Simply update the +1 button code, and an inline annotation will show next to the button.

By making it easy for your users to see recommendations from people they trust, we hope it makes for a more engaging experience on your site.

If you'd like to start testing the inline annotation right away, join
the Google+ Platform Preview group and generate a new snippet on the
+1 button configuration tool.

Google team will roll this feature out to all users soon, but if  you're
already signed up for the preview group all you need to do is update
your snippet and you'll start seeing the annotation right next to the
button on your page.  For more information, you may visit Google
Code site, or ask your questions in the Webmaster forum.

+Timothy Jordan and the +1 button team

Google+ Platform Preview group - Join it to get Google updates first before they are launched to public

+1 button configuration tool

Google Code site

Webmaster forum