Last minutes of a Palestinian mother with her child [images]

Do you love your mother? Every mother loves her child.
But why this should happen to this mother and boy?

Last minutes of a Palestinian mother with her child.



  1. We All Love to our mothers, but this is very worst situation when his mother taken last breath and die in front of this son and his son couldn't do any thing for his mother because of the Terror of Israel army.
    May Allah Mercy On Palestinian.

  2. Ameen.

    Yes, it is very sad :(

  3. ALLAH g Plzzzzzz Help Palestinian Plzzzzz

  4. May Allah grant them the Fruit of their sacrifices.& Bless them with Independence With glory........

    A'ameen Summa A'ameen

  5. Usman Shahid1/4/12 7:32 am

    i am a pakistani i have a pain for my palestinian brothers and sisters
    Pakistan is the only muslim nuclear power and being a nuclear power it is the responsibility of pakistan army to protect their mother and sisters in palestine and its a shame that pakistan can do everything and doing nothing ... :(

  6. The pic is one of the many old pictures that has been resurfacing in claims of a different origin.
    This picture was taken in Syria when the revolution first broke out in 2011


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