Pakistan history in photos - some very old photos of Pakistan [images]

History of Pakistan in photos.
Click on images for large size.

Lahore railway station, in year 1886

West Wharf Karachi, in 1917

Murree Mall road, in 1861

Pindi point situated in Murree, in 1861

Victoria road Karachi, in 1900

Lawrence hall (Quaid-e-Azam Library) Karachi, in 1866

Lahore entrance gate, in 1886

Lahore fort (Shahi Qilla), in 1864

Rawalpindi station, in 1885

Some very old photos of Pakistan.

Taken from the Google plus profile of Muhammad Danish


  1. Thanks

    Yeh tasaveer unko lazmi dekhni chahiyain jo bohat muh marord marord baat kertay hain apnay apko modern sabat kertay hain aur dosron ka mazak "peendo" kay lafaz say urdatay hain.

    In tasaveer say wazay hay kay sab pehlay peendo he howa kertay thay. Aur wo he peendo azeem log thay.


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