Pakistan should also impose daily mobile text messaging limits

India have imposed daily text messaging limit to all customers which will not allow them to send more than 100 SMS messages in a day.

A good move by Indian government. It will reduce SMS traffic, network costs and spreading of wrong news/hoax through SMS. Indian sms users will now spend their time on something else. Students will stop wasting their precious time.

Pakistan should also impose daily text messaging limit. Youth is busy in wasting their time by sending useless old jokes/poetry/hoax/free balance winning sms hoax/fake rumors etc.

100 SMS per day or 200 SMS limit per day would be enough for them to communicate with others, not for to send useless group messages.

Android phones have 100SMS sending/hour limit. And operators are happy on this limit from Android.

I myself using Warid 50paisa/100sms/day SMS package. And I save both time and money.
I used to send a lot SMS messages few years ago, even one day I sent 29000 SMS messages. But that is just waste of time, you get nothing for sending many messages.

A joke/poetry SMS (being sent to more than 20 or even more than 300 people at once) wastes your time and money, makes your phone and network busy, eats battery, disturbs others who are not free like you.

A communication message (being sent to 1 person or less than 50 people of a college class/co-workers about some party/meeting or announcement) makes the best use of this cheap communication. Saves both time and money. Modern age fast communication.

Come on guys, if you didn't buy phone yesterday then you shouldn't be too much addictive to SMS messaging. People like to receive SMS messages from those who send sometimes. Not from those who send frequently useless SMS messages.