Have safe internet with OpenDNS family shield for free

What does FamilyShield block?
  • Adult websites that are unsuitable for kids
  • Proxy and anonymizer sites commonly used by savvy kids to bypass traditional Web filters
  • Phishing sites that aim to trick you into handing over personal or financial information
  • Some virus-spreading malware websites

How to setup?
No software, no registration and you get better better DNS resolving.
Just use following DNS with your computer, or apply them on your router so that all devices/computers connected on same network can benefit from FamilyShield.

Need guide on setup? official guide by OpenDNS


  1. Wow ... opendns offers a really awsome service .
    In pakistan adult sites are easily acessable, to block these sites opendns provides dns addresses... really a gr8 post aaqil

  2. Thank you Arslan

    Are you from Lahore?

  3. Great way to prevent access to adult sites. Thanks for the post :)


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