New setting to limit people for Google+ notifications

Circles give you control over who you share with on Google+ and who you see content from.
Today Google+ is rolling out a new option in Google+ settings: “Who can send you notifications?"

You can update your settings at

People included in 'Who can send you notifications' are allowed to send you notifications for the following events:
  • A post is shared specifically with you or the sharer chooses to notify recipients.
  • You're mentioned in a post or comment.
  • Someone invites you to a game or shares something with you in a game.
  • You're invited to a hangout.

You’ll still be notified if someone comments on one of your posts or adds you to a circle.

Note: this option is not only "Notify this circle". Using this option is risky. It can disable all notifications such as name mentions by someone not in your circle.