Get free Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes and pages fans, Google+ Followers

Join Twiends:
  • Twiends helps you increase your twitter followers fast. This site is popular with several active users.
  • Point settings: Set your seeds offering to 2
  • Tips: From Settings, in Modify options set Drop rate to low or lowest. It helps to prevent spam unfollowers. Do not follow people who are offering less than 4 points. Login everyday regularly to follow high seeds users from featured list.
  • Using your referral link invite friends to join this site and earn 25 seeds for free per user.

Join YouLikeHits:
  • YouLikeHits site is very good to increase Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Plus followers
  • Facebook likes, YouTube views and website views services of this site do not work properly because of spam bots and other spam methods followed by some bad users.
  • Points setting: For Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Plus set your points offering to 2
  • Tips: Earn points easily by viewing videos and websites daily. View and follow only high point users to earn points. Visit to earn 50 credits free everyday.
  • Using your referral link invite friends to join this site and earn 50 points for free per user.

Join LetUsFollow:
  • LetUsFollow site is good to get Google +1 votes, Website views, Twitter/Digg followers.
  • Credit setting: Set your credits offering to 1 for Google+1 votes/website views. For Twitter followers set credit to 3
  • Tips: Give Google +1 votes and Website views daily to earn points easily.
  • Using your referral link invite friends to join this site and earn 50 credits for free per user.

  • This site gives confirm Twitter followers everyday. 
  • 1:1 ratio. You follow and you get followed.
  • Tips: You may unfollow people who are not following back

  • Exchange retweets, Follow others and get followers
  • Get blog RSS readers

Note: Read Twitter policy about aggressive following and unfollowing users.


  1. All tools are working 100 % thanks for posting tricks, really working for me

  2. is scam dont pay...

    1. I am not paying, I use their free services which are really helping me.

  3. I just use to get fast facebook likes, they're free and within 2 days I got about 250 likes. Great user interface too! Highly recommend it! They also got this referral promotion going monthly where you can get Point Packages too. They also have live support which is pretty rare for sites these days. Anyway great article though. I enjoyed reading it, just offering my input.


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