Tweak Your Blogger blog Titles for Better SEO

Currently Blogger default method of displaying posts title in search engines is First Blog Title - Then Post Title

This does not look nice for visitors when they see your site in searches with above method. They usually skip sites with confusing title because blogger default templates are displaying your blog name before every title of your post in search engines.

For example: Kitchen blog - Cooking for dinner, Kitchen blog - How to have a quick meal, Kitchen blog - Server something special today.

Kitchen blog is blog title, cooking for dinner etc are post titles. This is default way of blogger templates to show your titles in search engines.

If you want to tweak your blogger blog title then do the following. It will change [Blog title]: [Post title] to [Post title first]: [Blog title at end]

To apply this tweak to your blog:

Go to Template, Edit HTML and tick Expand Widgets

Find this code:

And replace it with the code below:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> :
Save. Your new changes will take effect in search engines within few days.


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  2. pehli choti wali HTML dhondni hay template say aur phir dosri ziyada wali uske jagah rakhni hay aur Save.

  3. is html lagane se kiya aaega

  4. browser title aur searches main blogspot ka pehlay blog name ata hay phir post ka name, is html code say pehlay post ka name ho jayay ga aur baad main blog title


    Aziz blog - Karachi news
    Karachi news - Aziz blog

    agar Aziz blog title ho to aisay difference hoga.

  5. I applied on, Thanks you my dearest aaqil!


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