Lessen the Noise of your Twitter Timeline with Twit Cleaner

If you are following too many people and feeling bad because your Twitter timeline is always filled with tweets which are not interesting for you, then you should try cleaning up your Twitter timeline by unfollowing some accounts which you follow.

Try thetwitcleaner.com

Twit Cleaner will help you decide which people you should unfollow to decrease the noise on your Twitter.
It offers following benefits for free.
  • unfollow bot accounts who are not real persons
  • automated accounts
  • accounts which aren't posting tweets since one month
  • accounts which post only links
  • accounts which post spam automatic messages to increase followers
  • accounts which use advertising sites etc
  • accounts which do not response to others
  • accounts which never got mentions
  • accounts which post only from one site/service such as twitterfeed
Just Sign-in with your Twitter at thetwitcleaner.com and they will analyse your Twitter which takes only few minutes. Then they will show followers report which will allow you to easily unfollow people one by one.
With this service you can unfollow 500 people per day.

Twitter lists are also very useful, which allow users to filter tweets.