Reach More Users on Social Networks with Hootsuite AutoSchedule

For example if your twitter followers, most of them are online at night 11pm then AutoSchedule will schedule your status for night 11pm. It automatically optimizes time to reach more audience.

AutoSchedule feature of HootSuite: Unsure when to send your post? Let Hootlet decide for you! AutoSchedule determines optimal posting times for you to efficiently queue up scheduled messages. Maximize reach without swamping your followers.

Hootlet is browser plugin of which adds following features to your browser.
  • AutoSchedule – Enables smart scheduling to maximize reach and impact of your social messaging
  • Custom Content Sharing (Chrome Only) – Select and share specific text and images found on websites via Hootlet
  • New Personalized Options – Allows you to enable or disable the AutoSchedule drop-down menu
Hootlet is available as a Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-on.

This feature is free, only available on Hootsuite browser plugins.