These Twitter Usage Limitations Many Don't Know

Some Twitter users feel frustrated when they are having issues when tweeting, creating lists, sending DMs. They should know following limits which apply to all Twitter users.
  • Twitter have lists limits, every account can create 1000 total lists (private or public)
  • Every list can have maximum 5000 number of people
  • Every Twitter account can send 250 Direct Messages per day
  • Twitter allows 1000 tweets per day. About 40 tweets in an hour. If you exceed per hour limit, wait for your hour to complete to start tweeting again
  • You can follow 1000 people per day. There are other following limits too which Twitter team does not disclose to stop spam abuse
  • When you have followed 2000 people, twitter applies strict following policies on your account to follow more people. These policies are also hidden but in simple words, you should have more people following you than the people you are following.
  • You cannot change your account email more than 4 times per hour
  • 25 pictures per day upload limit
  • 5000 SMS receiving limit/day