Get Verification Tick for your Google Plus Business page

Google now allows manual verification for Google+ pages. Let your page members know that page is real with a verification tick. Google will send you mail with a pin code at your business address for verification.

Follow these steps for verification:
Create your page by going to

After you’ve created your page, you can verify it:
  1. Hover over Unverified at the top of your Google+ page. Click the Verify now button when it appears. Or, click Verify now in the Is this your business? section below the map.
  2. Confirm your address and click Request postcard. Your postcard should arrive within a week or so.
  3. Once it’s arrived, go to the website listed on the postcard,
  4. Enter the PIN listed on the postcard and click Submit.
  5. If you've requested a postcard for multiple Google+ pages, make sure to click on the name of the business that the postcard is for.

  • Any page manager can request page verification.
  • Don't forget to fill in the address of your business in your page.

How do I verify my +page?

Follow these three steps:

  1. Link your +page to your website: Fill out the ‘About’ section of your Google+ page, being sure to enter your site’s top-level URL.
    Link your website to your +page: Add a Google+ badge or code snippet to your site, which lets us know that the site is associated with your +page. We recommend using the Google+ badge, as it can help you attract additional followers -- for top publishers, adding the Google+ badge helped drive a 38% increase in followers. You can select the size of the +badge for your pages, and with some of the larger sizes, users will be able to add your +page to their circles without leaving your site.
  2. Complete verification request form.
  3. As you complete the verification process, be sure to continue posting regularly to your +page to engage with your users. To help attract followers to your pages we also recommend promoting your +page on other relevant sites or blogs you own, as well as other social destinations. You can also place an author tag on your online materials, which means your authorized photo and name appear next to search results for content you’ve created.
Manual verification on Twitter is also coming in future.