Daily advertising messages and now Telecom operators will send spam calls too

Warid have come up with a new marketing scheme, dirty scheme indeed.

Warid automatic system will call customers randomly, computer (IVR) will ask customers if they want to activate other Warid services.

Warid customers will be getting spam marketing calls from 321 with the advertising and activation of Warid services. For now 321 will play customers three ring back tones, upon just choosing a tone it will automatically activate caller tones services for customer + charge for that tone.

Telenor is already using these kind of dirty schemes in Pakistan, automatic marketing calls are being sent to customers from 345. If customer press 1 for Yes, they will be subscribed to the services and fee is charged (most of them do activate services without knowing advantage because those marketing calls just give them brief but attracting service info with Yes/No option. Some press Yes in confusion. Benefit goes to Telecom operator.) Ufone also sends advertising calls from 333.

Telenor also gives Yes/No option to customers at 345 call center. Customer care representatives ask politely at the end of every call, for example "Hamaray paas new smart tones ai hain apkay callers enjoy karain gay, kahin to ye service activate kar don? nahi? to dosri service hay aik wo activate ker doon?"

These telecom operators are already sending 4+ advertising messages everyday to our mobiles and now we will be getting spam calls also.

If we block those 321, 345, 333 numbers, that will also block useful calls because these numbers are call center numbers of telecom operators which are also to contact customers by company.

Our networks don't save costs by avoiding those spams methods but they keep imposing extra service rental charges. Most of basic free telephony services in Pakistan have gone. Pakistani cellular customers pay more than 50% of mobile credit to government sales taxes and to telecoms extra rental charges such as system maintenance charges etc.


  1. You are right, I also complaint about it various times, but action has been taken by the operator.

    1. I also complained several times, but they are never stopping. None of them. All operators keep sending text messages. Phone of mother is also having full SMS memory icon coz she doesn't read SMS, but they are all only from network or other spam companies.


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