SMW4 Cable Repaired: Internet Speeds Coming Back to Normal in Middle East and Pakistan

  • 10:37 AM - 26 Apr 13 -- @PTCLCares: The Undersea Cable repair work is complete and v are shifting traffc on SMW4. We now hv more than sufficient bandwidth on east and west side (Will take one to two days for full speed restoration)
  • 7:06 AM - 26 Apr 13 -- @TH_ServeNET: The link to Europe via Submarine Cable (SMW4) is coming up and taking traffic since 05:00 morning (26 April 2013)
  • 3:31 AM - 26 Apr 13 -- Algeria Telecom: End of maintenance of international cable (SMW4), Recovering Traffic.
  • 7:00 AM - 23 Apr 13 -- @AaqilsBlog: SMW4 Egypt undersea cable problem: Repair work started on 21st April and repair is expected to completed by 26th April.

On 27th March Egyptian Naval forces claimed that they had caught divers sabotaging a submarine cable off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. In any event, SMW4 clearly suffered a major failure caused widespread disruption of Internet services from Egypt to Pakistan.

Several internet and telecom service providers were either degraded or unavailable due to the SMW4 cut off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. These providers fell back on eastbound transit through the Far East, but those backup paths couldn't provide enough capacity for bandwidth load causing slow or below than slow internet speeds.