email is best with Evolution email client [Internet] is advance email service with a lot of features which even Gmail or Yahoo does not provide, with largest attachment size 50MB >:d< also provides POP3 and IMAP for its users.
I had been using with Mozilla thunderbird mail client for Windows and Linux, but I thought of to check Evolution POP/IMAP client for Windows and Linux, It was totally amazing with Evolution mail client, seems like that Gawab is best for Evolution, in Evolution no certificate warnings error message like I get in other mail clients like thunderbird and some mobile mail clients like profimail, Smoothly sending and receiving of emails is possible with Gawab and  evolution, fast to attach files even Read notify feature is available with Gawab Evolution client.
Get evolution email client
And look in the screen-shot your Gawab account folders are also available with evolution email client :D.
Here are Settings for Gawab with Evolution
Name: your any name which will be used as sender with your emails.
Email: Your gawab email
Server type: IMAP
receiving mail server:
username: your full gawab email ID
Remember password: (Your choice if your PC is personal or not.)
-- No need to touch other settings while setting up account. :) 
Gawab Evolution sending settings
username: your gawab full email address
remember password: your choice
And you should be all setup and ready to go ;) 
Still problems? post comment below
What is gawab? It is good email service lies here