Send SMS Alerts to your blog readers Pakistan Wordpress

You can now keep your blog readers updated about new posts via SMS! Whenever you make a new post, they will get an SMS alert containing the title of the post and its URL. And, it's not just one-way -- readers can respond to the message or leave comments via SMS that will appear in the widget on your blog. Readers can sign up in real-time by entering their number in the widget.
Installation instructions:
  1. Download the "chOpaal SMS Alerts" widget
  2. Unzip the widget file in wp-content/plugins/ directory of your wordpress installation
  3. Go to your Wordpress Administrator panel and activate the widget plugin
  4. Now Go to Appearance>Widget Controls and drag the widget to your sidebar
  5. Enter your chOpaal account details to activate the widget on your blog
  6. Try it out -- make a new blog post!



  1. They have slow sms sending


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