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ZOMG Zong!
For the first time in Pakistan ZONG brings its customers location based charging “ZONG ZONE”. Now all ZONG subscribers who are in the “ZONG ZONE” can call on any ZONG number for 30 minutes and only pay for 5 minutes i.e. after first 5 minutes next 25 minutes are absolutely free.
Initially “ZONG ZONE” will include the following five locations
  • North Nazimabad Karachi
  • Abdullah Haroon road Karachi
  • University of engineering and technology Lahore
  • Cavalry ground Lahore
  • Fortress stadium Lahore
This service is subscription based, where the customers can subscribe to any location by dialing our call centre or visiting our customer service centre . The subscription charges are Rs 5/subscription
This is a limited time offer .This offer is only available on ZONG 12 ANAY, 65 PAISA,AIK SECOND ( PER SECOND) & ZONG FREE PACKAGES.
This offer is only available on the above packages from 0800 – 2400 (16 Hours).
What is the new offer ZONG ZONE?
ZONG ZONE comprise of a specified location with in which a ZONG subscriber can avail the new offer. With the new offer, calls made to all ZONG numbers become free after first 5 minutes for the next 25 minutes.

From 8 AM – 12 AM (16 hours) all calls to ZONG numbers become free after 5 minutes for the next 25 minutes
How do I subscribe to this offer?
You can subscribe to this offer by dialing 310 from your ZONG number, sending an SMS to 323 or visiting your nearest customer service centre. Subscription to each location will be charged @ Rs 5.
What If I am not in the ZONG ZONE?
To avail this offer you must be subscribed and the call must initiate from the subscribed ZONG ZONE e.g. a person who has subscribed UET as his ZONG ZONE can avail this offer only when he calls from UET.

Any zong calls initiated from outside the subscribed ZONE will be charged as per the normal package plan.
What if I start the call from ZONG ZONE and move into some other area?
If the call is initiated from the ZONE , The subscribe can avail the new promo even if he travels outside the ZONE while the call is still in progress. As soon as the call is dropped, charges as per the regular package plan apply
What if I initiate the call outside the ZONE and then travel into the ZONE, while the call is in progress?
Any call initiated from outside the zone will be charged as per the normal tariff even if the subscribers moves into the zone while the call is still in progress
Is this offer valid for all the ZONG packages?
No, this offer is only valid for ZONG 12 ANAY, ZONG FREE, ZONG 65 PAISA, ZONG AIK SECOND subscribers. All these subscribers can avail the same offer between 8 AM – 12 AM
Are there any daily charges to avail this offer?
No, there is no additional daily charge to avail this offer
What will be the charges for the first 5 minutes call from the ZONG ZONE?
For the first 5 minutes the call rate will be as per the customer’s regular package plan.
By using this new offer, would I still be able to use my promotions  such as LNO, BTO, Super free number , unlimited free numbers, Happy Hour & FNF?
Yes, you can avail all these options as per your package plan. All these offers will have a priority over ZONG ZONE offer i.e. for example any one using BTO or Happy hour will be charged according to the BTO & HAPPY HOUR rate and not the ZONG ZONE Rate.
Can I subscribe to any SMS Package while I am using this facility?
Yes, you can subscribe to any of the SMS packages while still using this facility.
After how many minutes do Off net calls become free?
This offer is not applicable on any off net numbers.
Are there any hidden charges to avail this offer?
No, there are no hidden charges on this offer.
If the combined minutes of two or more calls exceed the 5 minute between 8 AM and 12 AM, will the call become free?
No, threshold minutes are for a single call only. That is if a single call made to an ON NET number exceeds 5 minutes only then the next 25 Minutes will be free.
What if the call starts before 8 AM and continues after 8 AM. How would the call be charged?
Calls falling under such circumstances will be charged as per follows:
  • Call starts at 7:55 AM.
  • Call Ends at: 8: 10 AM.
  • Call will be charged at normal tariff from 7:55 AM – 8:00 AM and from 8:00 AM – 8:05AM. The call will become free after 8:05 AM till 8:30AM.
If the call continues after 8:30AM it will be charged as per the package plan.
What if the call starts at 11:55 PM and continues after 12:00 AM?
Calls falling under such circumstances will be charged as per follows:
  • Call starts at: 11:55 PM.
  • Call Ends at:   12:10 AM.
  • Call will be charged at normal tariff and ZONG ZONE Charges will not apply.
Why is this facility not available in my area?
We are working on it and this will soon be offered in more areas
Can I subscribe to more than one ZONG ZONE?
Yes, you can.
To Subscribe to ZONG ZONE  
North Nazimabad, Karachi
Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi
UET, Lahore
Cavalary Ground, Lahore
Fortress Stadium, Lahore
SMS nnz to 323
SMS ahroad to 323
SMS uet to 323
SMS cav to 323
SMS fort to 323
To unsubscribe from ZONG ZONE SMS unsub to 323
To get information about ZONG ZONE service SMS info to 323
To find out locations in which ZONG ZONE is offered SMS loc to 323