Zong Online Live Chat Customer Services Support Launched [telecom]

Zong has revamped their official website Zong.com.pk with new look and new user friendly interface. More about Zong new interface read at propakistani.pk

With the new web, Zong has  launched new Live Chat customer services help and support feature which allows users to get online free Zong help and support.

Go to Zong.com.pk and click onbutton to start chat with Zong customer services team. 

Features and comparisons with other networks chat customer services: 

  • Zong live support service is free
  • You will get your chat log in email as you finish your chat. You can untick this option if you do not want to receive chat log in email.
  • Zong live support gives information and other details, requests, complaints, suggestions etc
  • Zong live support is for non Zong customers too, unlike other networks where they first validate if you are really their customer.
  • Zong live support is for Zong prepaid customers too, unlike some other networks where they are only for postpaid customers.
  • Zong live support online time availability time is longest. In other networks they are not online always even in their mentioned hours.

Chat Transcript with Zong Customer Services

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