Join YouTube HTML5 Video Player Trial

YouTube is testing new player built with HTML5 instead of Flashplayer.

New YouTube HTML5 player is much better than the old video player of YouTube.

HTML5 player uses less system resources, video streaming is better too. I recommend switching to HTML5 player.

HTML5 player is supported with following browsers:
  • Firefox 4
  • Google Chrome 
  • Opera 10.6+ 
  • Apple Safari (h.264, version 4+)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 with Google Chrome Frame installed (Get Google Chrome Frame)

Additional Restrictions:
  • Videos with ads are not supported (they will play in the Flash player)
  • On Firefox and Opera, only videos with WebM transcodes will play in HTML5
  • If you've opted in to other testtube experiments, you may not get the HTML5 player (Feather version of YouTube is supported)
For more compatibility tests about your browser visit and see the section What does my browser support?

You can join HTML5 YouTube Player trial by visiting and click Join the HTML5 trial at the end of the page.