Permalink feature is now available on blogspot blogs

Google Blogger team have added Permalink feature to blogspot blogs.

Now when you are writing a new post you are able to choose custom URL for your post to make the post url simple and SEO friendly.

Another small update is, now google translate tool is available inside post editor. Click on the book icon in tools bar when writing a post/page.

Did you know that blogspot had launched other SEO feature also for blogspot blogs. Such as robot.txt, custom error pages, custom post description, custom redirects, crawler and indexing easy settings. All are available under Settings > Search Preferences.


  1. I would love to know about these links in detail, if you have any detail info kindly share it with us.

    1. This the permalink (permanent link) of this blog post

      It has words (custom, url, post, page, permalink, blogspot)

      You can change these words to whatever you want, easy or search engine friendly.

      Search engine looks for words in URL too.


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