Difference Between Dual Core & Core 2 Duo Processors

Dual Core:
Intel produced a computer processors series with two processor chips is called Dual Core. In simple words it is power of two processors in one. They are cheaper and slower than Core 2 Duo processors.

Core 2 Duo:
Intel advanced their dual core processors technology with improved clock speed and larger cache are called core 2 duo processors. They are a little more expensive and faster than dual core processors.

There are more advance processor technologies available now.


  1. is it too late to discuss this ... we are now in era of core i7 third generation processor

    1. dual Core and Core 2 Duo confuse some people, other new processor types don't have confusing names.

      waisay main to abhi bhi intel 865 3.0ghz single processor per computer chalata hon :P


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