Stopping Cellular Prepaid Packages in Pakistan

Pakistan government is considering to stop prepaid packages of cellular networks in Pakistan. Pakistan's prepaid subscriber base is more than 80% of the whole cellular subscribers.

Reports say that these cellular network failed and are involved in wrong customers data to increase their subscribers base. Several sim cards are not registered on genuinely.

Cellular networks awards their dealers who sell their sims. Dealers use other customers Identification cards to issue new sim cards. For example in Faisalabad new mobile connection price is 50rs but if you pay 200Rs he will give you registered sim card (ie, using other customers ID card for your sim)

Networks are involved too, networks like Telenor love their customers more than government orders. In past, government asked customers to get extra connections blocked which they didn't register on their CNIC. I myself knew a number which was registered on my CNIC but not owned by me, went to Telenor customer service centre and completed the procedure to get that number blocked. But that number is still running and on my name. When contacted the company they told that they are still asking the number user to visit service centre for ownership change. It have been several months, if that number is used in some criminal activity then I will be blamed, not the number user or network.

Most of customers don't feel easy with sim activation methods they ask dealers/shops to activate their sim cards for them. Customers provide full NADRA details to shops for sim activation. Some shopkeepers save their NADRA details to activate more sim cards in their name.

Government failed to employ 5 sims per CNIC policy. Still one CNIC can register upto 50 sim cards (10 sims per network).

OK, what will happen if prepaid services are blocked in Pakistan?
  • Students will stop wasting their time playing with phones
  • Significant decrease in obnoxious calls and SMS
  • Those who send useless poetry jokes etc SMS everyday, they will stop
  • Government couldn't apply 100 SMS per day limit, which was cost saving for networks too
  • Prepaid cheap SMS packages are used for marketing/spam. If a spammer's sim is blocked he won't easily get another sim
  • Users who make wrong number calls to find girls numbers will stop, because most of them are low end prepaid users, chayay ke shop per kaam karnay walay, mazdoor tabka wagera
  • Makes it hard for criminals to use cell phones as communication mean
  • Postpaid customers increase profits of companies
These are my opinions.
I don't believe that government is really going to stop prepaid services in Pakistan because multinational companies in Pakistan are ruling over Telecom industry like USA is ruling over world with force.
Telenor was kicked from India over cheap tricks, that is not possible in Pakistan.


  1. Saad the Terrible22/8/12 8:50 am

    So what are your views about those who need prepaid services but don't waste their time?
    I recharge my mobile balance less that once a month and don't waste it flooding other people's inboxes with unneeded jokes and stuff. This is a time saver for me as I don't need to waste my time standing in a line every month. And the security problems with prepaid services are just a hoax. Rehman Malik can make a security threat out of anything. It's just his way of staying in the spotlight. Just like undressing publicly is Vena Malik's way of staying in the news.

    1. I am just like you, I spend less than 100 Rupees on phone in a month.

      But maybe after no prepaid availability they will launch cheap postpaid packages with zero line rent.

      UK, USA most of subscriber base is postpaid, they have interesting packages in postpaid.
      Unlike here in Pakistan companies think that postpaid customers are lootmar customers inhain ruj ruj kay looto they don't care about money.

    2. i have two post paid connections and 2 prepaid. prepaid connections really sucks and charge me at least 300% extra from postpaid.

  2. Aqil bhai pre paid gya to mai bhe gya :(

  3. post paid sim connections are appreciated

  4. I own warid postpay

  5. pta is mad

  6. Our Govt. POLICIES always sucks.. They just dont think about anything except corruption or Destroying Pakistan Economy.

    Rather then exploring More CNG reserves they have Created Fake CNG shortfall by cutting down current production.

    Rather thn Planning for Electricity Production they are Spending Rs.62 Billion on Metro Bus Service in Punjab, Fools that will take our Huge amount of Foreign Exchange out for for Installation and rest in form of Fuel n Diesel.

    Facilities Should be same for Rich n Poor.
    Keep in Mind not just Chahay wala n mazdoor hit n try number for girls.Our youth Specialy School going, Age group 14-20 do this reagrdless of Rich or poor.

    Other Countries have Applied a Simple Rule that you have to Insert your ID number before your recharge your SIM. Even for sharing credit or top up service.

    Shit Government Shit System Shit Policies.

  7. I dont think its going to happen with huge prepaid market


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