Twitter Removes User Agent Information

in above screenshot, you can see the second person posted tweet via Mobile Web (old screenshot)

Twitter removed user agents information from their mobile clients back in July 2012. Now they have removed it from web too.
Expect it to be removed from Tweetdeck also. Tweetdeck is owned by Twitter.

What I mean by user agent is, you cannot know from which client your friends are posting tweets. Like before you were able to see whether they are using web, mobile web, twitter for android, twitter for iPhone, twicca, Hootsuite, twitterfeed etc.

  • This change will increase clicks in the links of tweets
  • It will also decrease quality of tweets because tweets coming from automated applications include spam too
  • It will make hard for users to know which are real tweets and which are automatic tweets
Users can still view user agent info from non official twitter clients but it seems that Twitter will make it official in few months not to show user agents by any application.


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