Tossdown Restaurants Deals Card Discount for Ufone Customers

Tossdown partners with Ufone, a restaurant deals company which brings cheap restaurant offers with the use of their discounts card called "Khaba".

Ufone customers will be able to get Tossdown Khaba discounts card in 250Rs instead of 300Rs regular price.

Go to to order your card. Card will be delivered at your address. Pay the card fees when you receive your card. Or you can buy card from these locations.

Non Ufone customers can also buy Khaba card but at the price of 300Rs till 31st December 2012. After that card price will increase from 300Rs to 400Rs.
Tossdown iPhone

Get Tossdown application for mobile phones:
Tossdown mobile application makes it fun to find nearest available deals and share/read reviews of other customers.

You can also visit iPhone App Store or Google Play Store, search “Tossdown” and select the option to download the app to your mobile phones.

Go to for more details.