Fake Female Profiles to Gain Popularity on Social Networks

Tagged and Badoo websites are known for using and running fake female profiles to gain users, especially Badoo.

If you don't login to Badoo, they keep sending messages like, One female is waiting for you, New females have joined Badoo etc etc.
Doesn't matter how many times you disable this kinda email notifications from you Badoo account settings but they are never stopping. (then I send such sites to my spam folder)

If you login to Badoo site, they will show you fake female profiles, advertising messages in inbox to pay and send gifts to fake female profiles or even "hi" from fake female profiles which then they promise will reply only if you send them paid virtual gifts from Badoo site.

Using fake female profiles with random pretty pictures have been old trick for startups, for small companies to gain users/followers/page fans. Facebook is full of fake profiles.

But should you or your business use these dirty tricks to gain popularity? What if someday you are caught?
How will you save the reputation of your company?