Download ALL of your Tweets

Twitter is rolling out feature to its users which allows to download Tweets. It includes all tweets since the first tweet of your account.

To download your tweets, go to Settings from Twitter web and look for Your Twitter Archive option at the bottom.

This option may not be available for many right now because Twitter is rolling out this new feature gradually to users.

Upon using Twitter Archive option, Twitter will send email which contains Tweets archive download link.
Archive will open Tweets history in the browser (offline too) with ability to easily filter Tweets by month or year.


  1. This is what I've always wanted, lol! I want to go thru all my over 3,000 tweets, and edit or delete them ... can I do that with this option? that is what I really need.. also, is this for only my own tweets or tweets other ppl who I'm following?

    1. No, because that data will be stored offline for your hard drive. If you delete, wont delete from online account.

      You can just have your own tweets, not of the people you are following.


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