Twitter Becoming Instagram by Adding Instagram like Photo Editing Features

New Twitter Photos features add instagram like photo editing options to Twitter Android and iPhone applications.

Twitter users will be able to tweak photos while uploading them with different effects, cropping, auto tuning.

Rumors that Twitter is also testing large size high quality photos uploading.

Twitter is surely improving its photo community. In past Twitter launched profile headers, profile wall photos album, photos preview within tweets and now this new fun way of adding photos to tweets is a competition for popular image sharing site instagram. Before I had to switch to instagram for the tuning of my photos to share on Twitter but now I shall be doing that within Twitter.


  1. Last week I took an almost pathetically short two day Instagram hiatus. The telltale signs of addiction had manifested into full blown codependency on the app. In the minutes and hours post-upload I found myself maniacally checking comments and likes as if my life depended on it, much to the dismay of those around me. more instagram followers


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